Becoming a Family Man the BEST way that I can – Chapter 1.


I began Writing this Blog Staring at a Blank Internet Page. And now HERE is where I will start – “ANEW” in each of the aspects of my Life – Especially my Family, Friend, and Associate Relationships.  I feel strongly that some of You Will be Inspired by this Blog in the way that it pertains to you.

All of my Life, I have dealt with Very Unique situations when it came to being around those of You who have been connected to me. Today, I’ll begin by Writing about my Personal feelings about, Learned to Overcome, and the Choices in which I’ve made as direct results of them.  During the times that I have either been apart from You, Broken a Promise to you, been with you for One reason or another, or made You feel that don’t Care. For these things I point my Fingers at the “Man in the Mirror” (Myself) for allowing my choices to create any form of Ill-Will. My apologies are not and in some cases cannot be enough to say “I’m Sorry” for any of that as well as the Time lost.

But it has led me to Believe that when a Man connects with His True Calling or Path that GOD has for Him there is No-more resistence and “Failures” cease to Continue.  During the Times that have been, or should I say; ” I am sure that Each of Us can share a Reason for “Times” Missed or a Growing “apart” situation in Your Lives”.  I use my Own “Reason’s” for another Example: My actual Field of Expertise (Entertainment).      I won’t Sugar coat it. There is still a Load of Successes I feel that I could have Accomplished by now. Although I have Absolutely NO REGRETS, now that I have a Growing “Knowing” of who I am – Not What someone else see’s me as or Thinks I should be and that “topped” with or intermingled with the Ignored but Ever Festering Depression that had been pressed way down inside me All that time. I cannot hide the fact that some it was rooted in the pain I felt when I lost my Mother prior to my 17th Birthday.

Fortunately the Music,  Ability to Play, Write, Produce and use the Exploitative talent that GOD gave me allowed be to be hold on to it Faithfully. I work in several areas of Entertainment. What I mean is that, I’m More than Just a Singer. I am also a Voice Characterizationist, Radio Personality, Skit/Jingle Writer, Music Publisher Affiliate (BMI), LIVE Concert Production Technician.  In 2013 I received a Reverbnation Award for #1 Singer-Songwriter and Currently I’m back at #1 in the Category of “Other-Variety”.  As I look at it All together, U All, my Family and Friends always have been what helped to enable me to believe in or do Any of it. We’ve All overcome and are Survivors of whatever Changes or Instabilities and I Thank Each of You.         As my Prosperity Grows I Vow Pay You All Money I owe,  Spend Time with, and Share my Life with You as Much as Time will allow, even if its just a Phone call when I cannot – You are always on my Mind. And please don’t worry, I’m going to get the Relationship thing together I feel Very soon – I was lost so many Years trying to find the way “to” Fall in Love. But it just led me to being a habitually reluctant Heart-Breaker.  And Now I know the way – it’s always been so Clear. When it’s “Right”, Just Do It!

For starter’s on my Conclusion and Push towards re-Building Our Relationships with One another. Please take this Blog as an  invitation to Contact me Anytime 407.496.3700 ( My number has been the same for Year’s.), Email:, and You can also catch my Current Radio Show Every Thursday 5a-7a on WPRK 91.5 / – And like so many other people you can reach me on Facebook also.

Phreddie G! – A Year in the “Life” – 2013 in Reveiw.


Greetings from the World of Music and Entertainment!    It’s 3:00 am on the Day after Christmas Morning and at first I must admit, my Mind  was in a Fog then came a Miracle of New found Inspiration to Embrace the Most Recent stories of my Life..  To put into text what I’ve Appreciated, Sought, Participated in and Discovered during the Process of Learning More about myself in the previous 11 months and 25 Days.

In this Exploration I’ve found that some “Seeds” have to been Sown Deeper than one’s you can let take care of themselves. What I mean to say is; there are Certain the kinds of “Seeds” I’m that are Metaphorical.  Used to Create Blessings of a Brighter Future by Helping others Achieve while helping Yourself  for the Success of a Greater “Good”.  I’ll Paint a Picture with the following Words..

Songwriter Award (Voted #1  One Full Year for Orlando per Reverbnation Poll).  Now this was a Ray of Sunshine that made me Smile, my Pockets were still Flat but at least I was gaining in the Industry of my Field of Endeavor.  When March arrived I was not Only writing New Tunes but I needed to now Come up with a Powerful Follow up to Capitalize on te Songwriting Award.  By April  I was already Recording and by May 18 the 1st in a String of Singles to be Used on my 1st Album Project was Released Entitled “BLUE”.  The Song Experienced 90 Days of Weekly Rotation on College Radio (WPRK 91.5).  By the End of Summer it was time to Really get Serious.

I Headlined as a Guest Performer for the Station on a LIVE Podcast Shown in New York, Boston and Montreal in September with the Tune Coupled with follow up Single Entitled: “Instant Airplay”.  This track actually has (3) Titles depending on who You ask, lol.  I Actually call it “My Lover and me” but I’ve also heard it called “Hello, Local Disc Jockey”  By October I found myself also Jingle Writing, doing Parties as a DJ and a Show Production Technician for Major Artists on Tour between Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida.  Though I have experienced a Great Deal of Success, this is Only Scratching the Surface for where I’m Very sure that my Dreams are taking me because they are way BIGGER than me.  All in All I wasn’t that my “Pocket’s were Flat” but rather “What” I needed to Pull out of my Pocket to Plant the Right “Seeds” to Make my Pockets “Fat” Coupled together with EVERY Intention on making them Fatter in my Every Move.

This Christmas I’m able to Clear my head of the Losses and Focus more on the Gains.  As I close out this Blog in Preparation for the New Year, I just want to say that I’m Thankful for a Mind to Seek the Right Guidance, the Strength and efforts to Rebuild my Relationships with my Kids and Family, my Career, my now Flourishing Publishing Company: Mac Law Music, New Management Assistant Tiffany Maxie, my Band and Labelmates, my Business Partners, Terry Mitchell and Greg Whitright of Digital 3 Productions as well as with the Staff of Black Onyx Productions You are all Truly Appreciated in my Life.   Thank You for your Support and Please Continue to “LIKE” and COMMENT on my Pages and be Sure to Order your Copy of My CD when it’s Released in 2014.

Greetings from the World of Music Everyone!    You know it’s been a Long time but just as I Promised, I’m back with Something BIGGER, and BETTER!

Just a Recap from my Previous Posting re: My Forthcoming CD Entitled “DEBUT” AVAILABLE Christmas Day.  Last Nite (11.18.13) I received a One Year Contract to DJ/EMCEE and Perform LIVE at ORLANDO’s Famed AMVET Post#30.  I’m Kicking off the 1st of the Nights on “Classic Weekend” 22nd with a Party and Special Tribute Song for Legendary DJ SAXWELL, 24th as well as the 29th with Special Guests: “The Last Son Motown Revue” and “Easy Mills” for November then back on Christmas Eve for a CD Release Party, and LIVE Performances.  I’ll Stop here on this Update but will Def Get You More info this Week on my Latest Appearances as well as Parties – All D’Best!

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Greetings from the world of Music!

I’m Very Glad to be Reconnecting with All of you for another Blog-Chat.  This will be about what you can expect on my Forthcoming Album.  Let me begin by saying that; There’s a term  for having Learned Something Called: “Educated” and another term for being Born with something called “Gift from GOD”.

It’s always been 2nd Nature for me to play Musical Instruments and create Music since I was 3 years old.  Lyrics however, took a little more Brain Power – mostly because to be a Successful Songwriter you definately have to be clever to Write something that’s both Catchy and Good.  Long Story Short, it wasnt until I learned the “K.I.S.S.” formula (Keep it Simple Stupid) that I was allowed to be here today in Supprt of my 1st Album on New Music Capital Records.  These are the Stories “Behind the Music”.

Firstly.  To Clear up a lot.  Phreddie G! is Spelled with a “PH” and the CD itself is Entitled simply; “DEBUT” (360-NMCR-704-SEP1101-Lp1D).   The Label calls it a; “True-LIFE” Auto-Biography set to Music! – I call it a; ” Collection of Songs” of which I have Several but the Label has their “Concept Packages” and “Schedules” that I’m up against, lol.

A Very Good thing is at Least I have a Job, right? I’m an Intern-Producer on WPRK 91.5 and  The “COMPANY” does allow me to go out on the Road and Promote the Songs, its a Tremendous Help, especially with Sales on CD’s and Merchandise.

  Most of ALL it provides Fans a Dual access to my Music on the Radio and at LIVE appearances.  So far my Fan Base has Grown to reach  26,000.
  The idea for “DEBUT” came to me in a Dream.  In it, I’m a Character who is the TOP Entertainer in the World but actually leads a Double Life as a Secret agent for the World Justice League.  Selected to Perform the task of saving the World of Music from Total Destruction by the “Powers” Company.  I only Wish that the songs had come that easily, lol.
But, just like “Fine Wine”, it took Time for them to Mature.  They were all written and Recorded over a 6 Year Period.
   SILENT SATISFACTION is One of the Newest amongst the Tunes.  This is one of my Most Successful Collaboration efforts.  The Words were sent to me from a Lyricist in the UK – Penned as; “D.E. Johnson” and I did the Arranging and Composition.  I would say that this Song is an Expression of Love with a Hint of Intrigue.
MY LOVER & ME started out as a Love Song but quickly turned into an Anthem for Songwriters. Paying Homage to D.J’s for their Support ~Yeah!
  WHAT IS LOVE is a Song that is derived from my Understanding of the “Blues” and SAD SONGS or just Songs about the Various Stories about the Lament of Love Lost which allow a Person time to Listen to their Heart and find the Strength to Courageously Face the Challenge of  giving Love another Try.
 The Lead off Single: BLUE was Written with Singers Adele and Patsy Cline in Mind and is a Culmination of the types of Relationships I’ve Experienced.   Each one of them’ Ending in Tears & Heartbreak for One reason or another. Timing perhaps.   The Track Creatively Takes the Pain of my Past Loves and sorts it out thus Producing the Answer’ which is as always Clear as “Mud” at first but then becomes Clear, lol.
PARTY ALL NITE is actually the Oldest and the Youngest of the Tracks at the same time.  Old Meaning:, that I’ve tried the Song Several Different different ways before now.  And going to Youngest Meaning: that this is the latest Version.  I look at it as one the Most Enjoyable of the Collaborations on this project.  A Fun Song thats got that “Bounce and Vibe” to get you in the Groove and make that Cold Beer go down Smooth, Get Lifted, Hang out with ya’ Girl chillin’.
PHUNKZILLA is One of my First Instrumentals.  Written for the purpose of being Theme Music at my LIVE Shows.  Long Story-Short, it became Infectious enough to hold it’s Own and eventually I came up with a decent Album Cut.
FLORIDA RAIN is a Track that came about during a Hurricane, Literally.  It was about a Year after I’d arrived in Florida from Los Angeles and Central Florida was being HIT Sideways with a Registered “5” Hurricane.  I think the name of it was “Charlie”.
  At the time I was Working Minimum wage, Paying Child Support, Using the Local Bus System and had a suspended License.
  After the first wave of the storm had passed by  I’d left my Girlfrend’s house on the Eastside of Town to check on my Folks on the Westside of Town.  Well after waiting 2-hours for a Bus a passing Driver stopped and Yelled; “You know the Busses have stopped Running, right?”  “I know now, Thanks!” I yelled back and took off on Foot.  Had I realized then, that I was only inside the “EYE” of this Huge, no GiNORMOUS Storm I would’ve just headed back home.
  The Gap’ allowed me to Walk about 5 miles before the Tail-end crashed down.  I sought shelter under a “BK” Storefront.  As I watched Steel Girders wave around like Ribbons and obejects that you would otherwise need a Crane to move, just Flip over and Around the “Music and the Lyrics” to this Tune were Born.
In the Tune: SHAKE DAT  is Inspired by my Cross-Country Ttrip from Los Angeles to Orlando.   The Tales of my Decent into “Pop-LIFE”, in Search of the “Real” Phreddie G!  An Adventure that taught me things like: Dont take things at Face-Value, there’s Always a Back-Story, but Mostly, Don’t Stop Believin’ and Lay down that Boogie till U Die!
BECOME OF THE SAME MIND is the Second of my UK Collabs with Lyricist: D.E. Johnson.  The set up of how the song was created differently as my Partner “D.E” wrote the Song from the Perspective of a Woman.   The track is a Culmination of Emotional Expressions of Love with an; “I Want US inside of Each other” Twist to say the Least.
In Conclusion, that’s it in a Nutshell.  The Album will be available this Fall and  I hope you will pick up a Copy and Tell others to do so as well!
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Phreddie G!

Greetings from the World of Music!

My name is Phreddie G! – born (Bennie F. McDonald, jr)  I’m a Radio Personsonality and Producer (WPRK 91.5), Band Frontman, and Singer-Songwriter just starting out in the Music Business.  I created this Blog to reach out to my Fans and Supporters in a more up-close and Personal way.  I will make my Official Premiere on the the World Stage with my Debut Album Project this Fall.

Though I have Performed with Several Bands and Groups but my Best thing is Songwriting.  I Write many different types of Songs, I write with others in mind as well as Enjoy Collaboration also.  One of my Greatest feelings is when I have my Songs Recorded by others.   I was recently Awarded a #1 Singer-Songwriter Certificate by New Music Capital Records, Based on Reverbnation Poll – (Orlando / 2012-2013).

At the Present time, I’m an Artist and Songwriter with a Publishing Agreement with Mac Law Music, BMI and Signed to Digital Agreement with New Music Capital Records.  As I set Out to achieve Success, I want to always use my Talents to help Improve the Culture of Music for the sake of the Industry and Humanity.  I feel this will Propel me towards Receiving Billboard, Grammy, and American Music Awards for appreciation of the Varying faucets of my Craft in this efforts, Yes that would be very Nice also, lol.

I hope to get a lot of interest in my Blog Page – I Answer each Question Personally.  Fans are Welcome to respond to my Blogs with Reviews and Comments anytime.  I hope that you will Explore more of the Music that I share with the World.

Tell me about yourself, your Interests and Ideas.  Be sure to come to the Shows, I enjoy Meeting you in Person.  And be sure to LIKE and Submit your Email to subcribe to my Mailing List for Constant updates.